Essi-Poika sheltie puppies (1+1)

Litter born 8.12.2003
Diary and more photos of this litter

Sire: Paimenneidon Like Disquise "Poika" FIN31611/01 tri
Dam: Lemmikkipolun Tefenet "Essi" FIN16249/00 blm

Eyespy Pilot "Roni"
tricolor male
owner: Raija Orrenmaa
Eyespy Pixel "Java"
tricolor bitch
owner: Mari Luhtaniemi
Java´s own homepage


(1st prize)
Paimenneidon Like Disquise
tri, 36 cm,
eyes ok, A, 0/0

Photo Kirsi Yliruokanen

(younger brother to
FinAgCh, LT+170p. "Macy")
Int&Fin&S&N AgCh
Fin&S Ch
Atamanin Blue Image
blm, 37 cm,
eyes ok, A, 0/1
Fin Ch
Cadinan Solo Star
tri, eyes ok, A
Fin Ch
Pirtelön Blue Carmenzita
blm, eyes ok
Fin AgCh (cert)
Riishill´s Riis-Liliis
tri, 33 cm,
eyes ok, B, 0/0
Fin Ch
Riishill´s Marco Polo
tri, 38 cm,
eyes ok, B1, 0/0
Riishill´s Riis-Lamintso
tri, A2
(Ag2, "SA")
Lemmikkipolun Tefenet
blm, 34 cm,
eyes ok, B-C, 0/0
Int&Fin&Est&Lv Ch Sunsweet Not For Sale
blm, eyes ok, B
Int&Fin&S AgCh
Fin Ch
WC1-98, FC2-00, WC2-00
Take One Achillea
tri, eyes ok, A, 0/0
Int&Fin&Ltu&Est Ch
Lundecock´s Rash Line
blm, eyes ok
Fin Ch
Ketränoron Jade
tri, eyes ok, A, 0/0

(mother to
Fin&S AgCh "Riina")
Fin Ch
Cadinan Rondo
tri, eyes ok, A, 0/0
Noella´s Anniethemarmaid
LT=character test
SA = "worth of certificate"
~ 2% (5 gen) ?

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